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Getting a divorce is not as easy as getting married. You cannot just wake up and ask the court for a divorce without a reason that falls under the grounds stipulated by the Matrimonial Causes Act. The Matrimonial Cause Act governs marriages, divorces, and child custody, this provides the framework for divorce processes. Even when both husband and wife mutually agree to get a divorce for whatever reason, a decree of dissolution of marriage may still not be granted.

Divorce is a delicate affair; from time to time, the possibility of reconciling the parties to the marriage is considered. After deciding to get a divorce, the first thing to do is consult and brief an experienced divorce lawyer about the divorce. Our team will help to determine the facts that constitute the ground for the divorce from the reasons given by the person seeking a divorce. From your discussion with the lawyer, it is discovered that you have more than one fact that constitutes a ground for divorce; you would be advised regarding the fact that has the most substantial evidence with proof. A marriage celebrated under the Act can only be dissolved because the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

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